Never underestimate the value of having your own website. My writer website helped me land 8 agent offers.

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  • I don’t have enough blog posts yet
  • I hate every photo of myself and maybe I should wait until I get a professional headshot and write 40 blog posts and have a following and a book deal and I’m overwhelmed and websites are hard

Millions of people listened to my Y Combinator-backed startup’s story. This is what happened after everything fell apart.

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For any delivery, regardless of the minimum, please tip at least $20.

This is why:

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I didn’t feel depressed ‘enough’

I grew up in the 90s, and I thought of depression…

Don’t save up all of your joy for the finish line — that faraway land of a ‘published success’. Celebrate the small, daily accomplishments.

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That is the point, the purpose, the peak: to enjoy the world you inhabit when you write. — Heather Havrilesky

After I read Heather Havrilesky’s advice column last summer, ‘Should I Quit My Day Job to Write a Book?’, I sat stunned.

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